What is Google Pay? How To Use It

Now the era has become digital, every work is being done online, you can pay for shopping, mobile recharge, bill payment, electricity bill from home. For this, many apps have come in the market, which you should know about, today I am going to tell you about one such app, Google Pay, what is Google Pay, how to use Google Beverage, Google Beverage Complaint, Google I am also going to tell the drink helpline number etc., so let’s first learn about what Google drink is.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay App Google Pay is a great app from Google, with the help of which you can send money online, you can pay any bill with the help of this app, it works with a lot of new technology, in which you share Like it app, you can send money to each other. It is a very fast app, and Google has developed this app to meet the growing demand for technology in India. If you use apps like Paytm, PhonePe then this app also works in the same way, this app has also been added with Bhima, so that you can easily send money through UPI to anyone.

Google Beverage app has been launched in India to get rid of people related to the problem related to recharge, or bill payment, there is a lot of demand for this app right now, and if you don’t use this app yet, then You should download this app, now I will also tell you how to download this app, if you have already downloaded Google Beverage, you can skip this part.

How to Download Google Pay?

To download the Google Beverage app, which was also launched earlier as Tez, you must have a smartphone, if you use an Android phone, you can download this app from the Play Store, you can If you want, you can download this app by going to Google, however, I will give you a session to download only from the Play Store, because this app is completely secure on the Play Store, and you can download the latest version there as well. If you have an Apple company phone, then you can download Google Pay now, for this, you just have to go to the App Store and search this app by name, then you will be able to download it.

If you do not use a smartphone then you will not be able to use this app, because this app is made only for smart phones, and you can access its features only on smart phones. If you want to use Google Beverage, then first you have to buy Android phone, so let’s now know further how to use this app, and how well this app is better than other apps.

How to Use Google Pay?

If you have downloaded Google Beverage, and do not know how to run it till now, then there is nothing to worry, I am going to tell you how to use this app in this article, finally you came to this article Why is that, that’s why.

1. Google Pay Download – First of all download and install Google Beverage, I have told you the way to download above, you can also download this app on your risk by going to the website in Google, download it from Google I have given the link to do here.

2. Install And Open – When you download this app, then you have to open this app, after opening, you will be asked for your phone number, where you have to enter your bank’s mobile number, if you have any other If you create an account with the number, then you can get the problem later, that’s why only enter your bank number. After entering the mobile number, an OTP will come in your phone, by adding that OTP, verify your number. After this, on the next screen you also have to enter your email address, if an email is already login in the phone, then you can click on the same email. After doing all this, you have to set a security pin or pattern for this app, so that no one can use this app. This is very important, that’s why it must be set up.

3. Create Account – Now your account will be open, just now you have to add your bank account, if you have added your number to step number one, then you will not have much difficulty in adding bank account, just you will get your email in the top But click on the DP ad which is there. After this, you will come to your Google Pay account settings page, from here you can make necessary changes in Google Pay, here you will see the option of bank account, just you have to select your bank and add it, it is very easy, It will not require much information.

4. Link Your Bank Account – When you link bank account etc., then you set UPI in it, UPI will be set only while adding bank account, in this you have to set a password, after which you can always tell someone when If you pay, you can do it with the help of such password, you should remember this password, you should not tell this password to anyone, if you share the password of your Google Pay Bheem UPI, then anyone can withdraw money from your phone. , That is why you do not have to tell this to anyone at all.