Easy Way To Become LIC Agent

Life Insurance Corporation of India (abbreviated as LIC) is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment corporation owned by the Government of India. The Life insurance Corporation of India was founded on September 1, 1956 when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance of India Act that nationalized the insurance industry in India. Over 245 insurance companies and provident societies were merged to create the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India.As of 2019, Life Insurance Corporation of India had total life fund of ₹28.3 trillion.The total value of sold policies in the year 2018-19 is ₹21.4 million. Life Insurance Corporation of India settled 26 million claims in 2018-19. It has 290 million policy holders. Life Insurance Corporation of India (abbreviated as LIC) is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment corporation owned by the Government of India.The Life insurance Corporation of India was founded on September 1, 1956 when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance of India Act that nationalized the insurance industry in India. Over 245 insurance companies and provident societies were merged to create the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India.

As of 2019, Life Insurance Corporation of India had total life fund of ₹28.3 trillion.The total value of sold policies in the year 2018-19 is ₹21.4 million. Life Insurance Corporation of India settled 26 million claims in 2018-19. It has 290 million policy holders.


The students who want to begin their career as LIC agent need at least to pass their 12th examination from any certified board. This is the minimum educational qualification which everyone requires to have for becoming a LIC agent. Apart from this, the age of the candidates must be 18 years or more. If you’re fulfilling all we have mentioned above then follow the instructed given in next section.

How to Become a LIC Agent?

Try to get a meeting scheduled with development officer of the nearest LIC’s branch office.You will be sent to the training centre of the department/ agency once the branch manager approves your application for the training after interviewing you. Knowledge about the all aspects related to life insurance business will be imparted to you during 50 hours long training.

After successfully completing the training, you would need to clear an examination organised by Indian Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. After clearing the examination, you will be appointed as a LIC agent by the branch office. You will become a member of the team which works under the supervision of a branch officer.

Who can sit in the exam?

Before getting appeared into the examination for becoming a LIC agent, the candidates need to receive 50 hours long training which is imparted at training centre of the department. To receive the training which is prerequisite to the examination, the candidates must clear their 12th class examination from any certified education board. As far as minimum age to receive the training is concerned, the age of the candidates should be 18 years or more than it. In the training, the important knowledge of all aspects related to life insurance business is imparted to the candidates.

Who can become a LIC agent?

Those who like to stay outside and meet people can become a LIC agent.
People who have an ambition of owning a business can grow as a LIC agent.
Those who consider only their clients as a boss can work as LIC agent. Those who themselves want to decide their working hours can give good outcome as LIC agent.

Awards and recognition

A LIC agent is one who is an important source of the business for the organisation. The LIC agents develop, build, and always keep maintained contacts with the clients who give business to the organisation by buying the different policies. This is why the recruiters appoint the agents with utmost diligence. They begin getting high-level of services and business if they successfully appoint a right person.  To fill the lack of knowledge oriented people, the organisation has begun looking for young people who are service oriented and possessing good communication skill. Moreover, if any candidate posses experience of sales, then they get extra benefits.

Important points

The candidates need to pass at least 12th class from any certified educational board as minimum educational qualification.
The age of the candidates must be 18 years or more. The candidates need to appear in the 50 hours long training. The candidates require clearing the pre-recruitment test.

Important skills

Self motivation,
Communication Skills
Skills to build the close contacts with clients
High energy level


LIC official website says, “We offer one of the best remuneration systems in the industry that not only takes care of your current earnings, but also guarantees an earning for the future. What’s more, you can set your own income targets with a potential to earn as much as you want for the rest of your life.”


LIC says, “LIC agents are constantly recognized and rewarded for their performance. Numerous competitions all year round promote healthy competition amongst agents and recognition for their efforts. Depending on the level of business the agent achieves in a year, he or she can become a member of various clubs such as the Corporate Club, the Chairman’s club, etc.

“Each of these clubs have specific performance criteria for qualification and members of these clubs are entitled to attend seminars held at exotic international and domestic locations each year. Advisors can also qualify for the renowned MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), an exclusive international insurance advisors club.”

What is Google Pay? How To Use It

Now the era has become digital, every work is being done online, you can pay for shopping, mobile recharge, bill payment, electricity bill from home. For this, many apps have come in the market, which you should know about, today I am going to tell you about one such app, Google Pay, what is Google Pay, how to use Google Beverage, Google Beverage Complaint, Google I am also going to tell the drink helpline number etc., so let’s first learn about what Google drink is.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay App Google Pay is a great app from Google, with the help of which you can send money online, you can pay any bill with the help of this app, it works with a lot of new technology, in which you share Like it app, you can send money to each other. It is a very fast app, and Google has developed this app to meet the growing demand for technology in India. If you use apps like Paytm, PhonePe then this app also works in the same way, this app has also been added with Bhima, so that you can easily send money through UPI to anyone.

Google Beverage app has been launched in India to get rid of people related to the problem related to recharge, or bill payment, there is a lot of demand for this app right now, and if you don’t use this app yet, then You should download this app, now I will also tell you how to download this app, if you have already downloaded Google Beverage, you can skip this part.

How to Download Google Pay?

To download the Google Beverage app, which was also launched earlier as Tez, you must have a smartphone, if you use an Android phone, you can download this app from the Play Store, you can If you want, you can download this app by going to Google, however, I will give you a session to download only from the Play Store, because this app is completely secure on the Play Store, and you can download the latest version there as well. If you have an Apple company phone, then you can download Google Pay now, for this, you just have to go to the App Store and search this app by name, then you will be able to download it.

If you do not use a smartphone then you will not be able to use this app, because this app is made only for smart phones, and you can access its features only on smart phones. If you want to use Google Beverage, then first you have to buy Android phone, so let’s now know further how to use this app, and how well this app is better than other apps.

How to Use Google Pay?

If you have downloaded Google Beverage, and do not know how to run it till now, then there is nothing to worry, I am going to tell you how to use this app in this article, finally you came to this article Why is that, that’s why.

1. Google Pay Download – First of all download and install Google Beverage, I have told you the way to download above, you can also download this app on your risk by going to the website in Google, download it from Google I have given the link to do here.

2. Install And Open – When you download this app, then you have to open this app, after opening, you will be asked for your phone number, where you have to enter your bank’s mobile number, if you have any other If you create an account with the number, then you can get the problem later, that’s why only enter your bank number. After entering the mobile number, an OTP will come in your phone, by adding that OTP, verify your number. After this, on the next screen you also have to enter your email address, if an email is already login in the phone, then you can click on the same email. After doing all this, you have to set a security pin or pattern for this app, so that no one can use this app. This is very important, that’s why it must be set up.

3. Create Account – Now your account will be open, just now you have to add your bank account, if you have added your number to step number one, then you will not have much difficulty in adding bank account, just you will get your email in the top But click on the DP ad which is there. After this, you will come to your Google Pay account settings page, from here you can make necessary changes in Google Pay, here you will see the option of bank account, just you have to select your bank and add it, it is very easy, It will not require much information.

4. Link Your Bank Account – When you link bank account etc., then you set UPI in it, UPI will be set only while adding bank account, in this you have to set a password, after which you can always tell someone when If you pay, you can do it with the help of such password, you should remember this password, you should not tell this password to anyone, if you share the password of your Google Pay Bheem UPI, then anyone can withdraw money from your phone. , That is why you do not have to tell this to anyone at all.

Don’t Waste Your Life Inspiration Speech

Life how wonderful it is that it is so astounding to have the option to ascend toward the beginning of the day and have that Sun Shine all over as opposed to on your grave what makes life so interesting thus lovely it is excellent on the grounds that whatever you have that you might be confronting what you might be managing like we still great life have so many moving parts when life is consistently young lady consistently is another day and another open door that others might not have this life that you have been given this life that you are briefly clutching this life that has been quite recently given to you for transitory reasons has additionally meaning then you can never envision.

Such huge numbers of numerous individuals on the planet underestimate life as opposed to understanding that you need to accept the open door to live it the most ideal way you know how now on this excursion of life you’re going to confront a lot of condition a lot of difficulties you gotta fall into territories that you can’t comprehend in a situation for you to comprehend when you begin to feel that you are in a place that you don’t cherish your life in disgrace on you in light of the fact that your life is a lovely thing and nobody has the right to destroy it nobody to control it nobody has the right to take your happiness your life is your life and you reserve the privilege to live it the most ideal way.

You can you should train yourself and take full control and obligation regarding the result of whatever it is that you are looking for as of now they will be so a wide range of things that you will set out on there will be so various things that is going to attempt to back you off they will be so various difficulties that you should confront yet as opposed to fleeing from the test directly towards the test have the option to comprehend that life has implied it has reason and these things that you might be feeling that it’s so difficult on you simply recall now and again you’re going to need to experience these changes.

These conditions that sets you in a place to cause you to feel that you’re not commendable any longer but rather depend on it you are commendable you were made for something you weren’t made for anything life has a blessing an endowment of giving an endowment of accepting and rather if it’s positive or negative you got the opportunity to ensure you comprehend that these conditions and these difficulties need to occur in your life you will go to a point that you may feel that you are in a miserable circumstance.

You may go to a point in your life will you toward the finish of a rope and the main thing left to do is to hush since you just can accomplish such a great deal for such a long time however ensure you doing a lot of kid as opposed to doing less quit worrying about the things that you can’t control and quit concentrating on the things that you have control of assuming responsibility for your life assume responsibility for the open doors trust in yourself and realize that it isn’t over for such a significant number of numerous individuals out there in this world right currently will make an effort not to be something that you feel in your heart that you need to such a significant number of numerous individuals out there right presently are hopeless.

They’ll attempt their best to take you with them don’t let wretchedness control the existence that you have don’t let anybody disclose to you how to live it don’t let anybody approve your motivation don’t let anybody approve your fate somebody revealed to you quite a while prior that you weren’t commendable somebody looked at you without flinching and said you weren’t going to make it I state to you right since you will make it.

I state to you right since you should make it I state to you right now that you >must tell pardons there and question that it has no spot and your place of business for this is your life two are battling for is your life gets you a living food and no doubt about it nobody better than you don’t trust that something will happen you cause it to have you get it going for later and assume full liability life.

Stand For Something or You Will Follow Everything

You have to stand for something more than money you have to be worth more than money you have to be more than your achievements you have to stand taller than what has happened to you where you came from all of that short strive for achievement sure make the money there’s nothing wrong with that but never let that be your driving force have a standard which you live a standard that cannot be broken morals and integrity that no one can penetrate put any amount of money with any reason .

it makes me sick to see the lack of integrity in some people I’d rather die than accept money to do anything I don’t believe our brother Doug then to do anything that is against my code of live [Music] I’ll rather walk alone doing what is right then follow the majority were following the majority who are also follow the module or doing whatever they’ve been told you have a mind of your own you see I have staked in no one you break those that I do not value money over these standards I do not take the easy option over these standards I live by these standards.

I live by these morals athletes no matter what if that means less money in the short term by telling are things that don’t align with my values so be I can tell they were absolutely lead to a better life in the long term that will lead to pride and self-respect knowing you are someone of their work if it means life is hard in the short term because you refuse to do certain things or refuse to deal with certain people so be I can tell that what absolutely lead to an easier life in the long term a life with less plump more pieces absolutely more parties if that means not listening to family friends respected figures because you know whatever is being said is wrong be brave enough to stand for what you believe whatever it is my soul is clear I sleep like a baby because I know I don’t break away from my morals in ethical guidelines.

if you’re not there yet I beg you to do this for yourself set standards for your life that are based on what you believe is right and just not just what is right and just for you but what is right you just for everyone all living set morals and ethics that you will allow no one to put no opinion can get inside this unbreakable wall that is your code of conduct not everyone is going to be on board with this most people are weak in the mother most people choose the easy option over the advocates most people choose the money over self-respect at the exam but these people not aggressively not even burglar set the example in your actions and your result set the example by you said moral standards that are unbreakable and because of that live in a life beyond all comprehension not just a life full of pride but a life full of achievements abundance and purpose no matter.

how you conduct yourself in life you are setting the example for those around you to what example do you want to say do you want to stand for something more than money and achievements what do you care about who are you and what do you stand what do you know is Right live father you have to stand for something more than money you have to be worth more than money you have to be more than your achievements you have to stand taller than what has happened to you where you came from all of them sure strive for achievement sure make the money there’s nothing wrong with that but never let that be your driving force have a standard would you live .

You Can Do Everything Give Your Best

There’s a few elements here the first is that you should always work hard and give your best it doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life if you always give your best you will get much better results than if you don’t give 100% and everything you do always lead you to greater things in life the workers who go above and beyond in this world are almost always rewarded with better positions and pay raises those who train hard study harder and give more themselves will always get more of their life than those who take it easy that’s just common sense so give your best.

if everything you have to get your best possible result and if it doesn’t work out at least you will have the pride of knowing you gave it your best shot a worse you will have learn as much as you can along the way and those who are committed to learn more and life will always be the same people who earn more and become more second thing I have to say this far2 youngest stress out leave that crap for later in life when you have kids and bills to pay for now just do your best work hard and see what happens your pet will reveal itself in time when you really know what you want to do with your life when you find something you must do that is when you must lock-in and say this is it that is when you tell yourself I’m all in one fell test doesn’t mean jack in the real world.

Do you know how many successful people failed testings every one of them it’s against what those successful people didn’t give up and that is the key they kept working on becoming better themselves better and everything they do see when you get out on that field of life no one wants a guy who passed every test they want a guy was willing to fight boys bring the one who had to care for the fightback after failing that guy is much more valuable in the real world that someone with book knowledge so work on this to work on your education gap but work on yourself just as much be also mental strength it’s causing more important than passing attack you cannot win it like if you lose them in your mind and your mind is strong then your life will be strong you.

Rise Up and Attack the Day with Passion

Push yourself so you want to be the best you want to get to the top you want to achieve success I’m sick and tired of all you people out there the dart around talking about what you want what you’re gonna get what you’re gonna have what you’re gonna do where you’re gonna go and not doing to actually make it happen if you’re happy in life right now then you can stop listening now cause this video ain’t for you the moments and situations you’re steering away from are usually the things that need to be attacked head-on you’re the one that needs to trigger that growth you’ll always be dreaming of a better life dreaming of success dreaming about the person you’re capable of becoming.

We’ve all got things we want to do dreams of what we want our life to look like the problem is most of us are standing in a busy street just letting the opportunities in life pass us by we’re waiting for the perfect situation the perfect circumstance is the perfect opportunity the perfect time there’s perfect moment take a look at the clock this is your time you know what you want so go get it it’s there do you want all these things in life and you’re just thinking that why some miracle of life or some punch theory of the law of attraction.

it’s gonna magically happen you’ve gotta wake up the only way to get what you want in life is to get to work and don’t get it – look at all your adversity and all the excuses squaring a face and push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve what you want your biggest growth moments to come from the face of discomfort if you’re never Ewing to step outside into those fears face the unknowns and see what’s on the other side of them we’ll always be wondering what could have been you can always do more.

You always have another gear another level of performance you can always push a little bit harder and get up a little earlier work a little longer spend more time with the ones you love whatever it is you’ve got more love or want to be better at in your life you have complete control over whether you get it or not stress fear and discomfort all promote growth the more often you willingly place yourself in the uncomfortable the more you’ll find moments of progress moments of growth.

You’ll get better stronger and more confident when this becomes a habit the tough situations in the future when faced with something bigger the courage and strength you’ve built the stronger person you’ve become now prepares you to get through and come out the other side your growth is in the gap from where you are now to where you want to be it’s what’s inside this guy the walls barriers fears and the uncomfortable that you need to go through this is what’s going to grow you into the person.

You were born to be at times when others would normally crumble you’ll rise up at times when others steer away you’ll straighten the wheel you’ll have complete conviction you can take on what’s in front of you understand this is the way for massive personal growth realizing your ultimate dreams and becoming the strongest best version of yourself it’s having trust and faith knowing everything is awaiting you on the other side knowing you’ve willingly placed yourself in these moments ask yourself when was the last time.

I stepped into the uncomfortable step out of my comfort zone are you still getting frustrated that your dreams are taking longer than expected if you’re not pushing and challenging yourself how will you ever get to where you want to be many people just see the upsides of a goal many people just see the upsides of a dream of a vision they don’t except the struggle the walls areas and fears they need to go through you have to accept the downside you have to accept the struggle you have to accept the uncomfortable I remember five years ago I used to tell myself that I was flour that I was working as hard as possible.

I looked back at the mean five years ago and laughs what that guy used to do it was pathetic but at that time I thought I was doing everything I could you have to push yourself past the edge of your comfort zone it’s the only way to grow it’s having a balanced perspective on the highs and lows of realizing a dream in order for you to get to where you want to be for you to close that gap it can’t all be red roses you need to get uncomfortable.

it’s not going to be handed to you and if it was you wouldn’t have the strength confidence and ability to handle it in handed a dream or working for it two different types of people which one are you think about what you won’t think about where you’re heading and understand that along the way there’s going to be huge moments of progress huge moments of growth huge moments that you’re going to go oh my god I can’t believe I actually come through this I can’t believe I got past this point that all comes from you stepping into the uncomfortable that comes from you stepping inside your fears.

You can’t get those moments of progress and growth without first initially stepping into the unknown stepping into the uncomfortable this is what you should be chasing from here you assess every situation before you step into it you’ll be able to see both sides you’ll be going man this is going to be uncomfortable man this is going to be scary man there is going to be a huge freaking fear of failure.

I have the trust and faith I will come out the other side living in my new body and mind in my dreams this far outweighs the sweaty palms the sweaty feet it far outweighs worrying about the opinions of others it far outweighs worrying that if I’m going to fail or not it’s the sort of upside that you need to be looking at think of the growth during the process think of the person you’ll become like a muscle in the gym you will get stronger and stronger and you’ll start getting better winning more achieve.

it more we’ve all got our limits we’ve all got our own mental horizon and the more often we’re challenging ourselves stepping into our fears and seeing what’s on the other side of them realizing we’re capable of more we believe we are capable of war we’re setting new standards we’re raising the bar we are going to achieve more this is how you progress this is how you get stronger this is how you get more and more confident.

This is how you’re going to be standing in your end in mind you are amazing and you have limitless potential so start tapping into it by not sitting on the fence get up get out and get done baby and your life will never never be the same again I promise push yourself you are worth it you are worthy of receiving and you are completely capable of realizing your ending mind please understand that if you don’t go after it no one else will this is your dream this is your end in mind you have to do this yourself .

it is completely in your hands go after what you won’t do the things that give you goosebumps do the things that you’re passionate about place yourself in the right environment you need to be close with people that are inspired by your actions and you’re inspired by theirs and the other people that 100% believe you can do it that believe you can stand inside your end in mine right now.

I’m talking to the people that talk and don’t do too many of you are just going through two paces lying to yourself about what you’re doing to get what you want it’s easy to do this and believe me I’ve been there but trust me when I say you can always do more you have limitless potential but you gotta believe that’s true.

You can’t keep telling yourself that you’re doing everything you can to this point and the only person you’re lying to is yourself make the decision take the step forward and turn your end in mind you know me Alan and when you’re there turn away and help someone else up.