Nothing on this Earth will Defeat You

If there’s ever been one thing that separates the best from the unknown that one thing is self-belief if you don’t believe you can do it you’ll never try and you will die never knowing how far you could have gone belief in yourself believe after failure believe with all others doubt relentless belief that you will get to your target no matter what that is what we’ll see you achieve when there is no tempt belief is what will see you achieve when there’s no support see no belief around you is needed when there’s belief within you tell yourself every day I know I will get to my target there is no doubt her.

I will get to my target I will I know I will make it does not an ounce of doubt in my mind Ziya beat down defeated reticule rejected doubt it I do not care and I know in my heart no matter how long it may take no matter the pain I will fight I will crawl I will adjust and I will there is nothing on this earth that I will allow to defeat me my mind is strong my mind is stronger than all others never will I be never while I straight from my goals never blood breaks from my purpose in life no one knows my heart they can doubt me I don’t know my heart they can tell me it’s impossible those are their limits, not my life can beat me to my leaves it only makes me stronger.

I am unbreakable did you hear me I am and breaker I am unbreakable the strip that lies in my heart is like the termination that lives inside me is equal to no other everyday awake I promised myself I will make it and I never break a promise and make to myself Michael I am unbreakable I am a breakable light can be me to my needs it only makes me stronger by workable I know we’ll get to my target there is no doubt sleeping get to my target I will I know I will make it there’s not an ounce of doubt in my mind many times I am baking down donated furniture rejected valid dinner I know I talked and you may take no matter how I will fight me will I will adjust you.

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