Pain Today Pride Short Motivational Story

The question that you have to ask yourself is am I willing to sacrifice today to get the results out one in the future the successful people in this world are able to achieve great things because they’re able to delay gratification it’s about having the courage to say no to the things that give you immediate pleasure but also give you long-term pain.

it’s about having the courage and having the discipline to say yes to the things that give you short-term pain for long-term gain pain today pride tomorrow it’s making the choices that suck every day even though they are hard because you know they make you stronger making those choices that build your mental strength to the point where those choices feel good it’s much easier to hit snooze and sleep in every morning but is that going to make you stronger tomorrow the harder choice is to get your ass out of bed and get to the gym.

it’s painful to work out but it makes you stronger pain today cried tomorrow the donuts the that the pizza they all give you immediate pleasure but they don’t make you strong they make you weaker it’s hard to say no to those things but choosing better options at the moment makes you stronger in the future physically and mentally short-term pain long-term gain nobody got into are great in life without showing great self-discipline nobody on this planet ever reached any great heights without having great self-discipline.

if you are willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow you’ll never have that drive tomorrow self-discipline is self-pride there’s no better feeling than knowing you created your own self there’s no better feeling than looking in the and say I built this I created this sacrifice for this I worked for this ah being proud of the person you’ve become special but you can only experience that if you have that self-discipline you can only experience that if you have the courage to say no to all those toxic pink those things that fill a void now.

You’ve got to say no to everything that takes you further away from where you want to be and say yes to everything that takes you closer to where you must be no matter how hard those choices are in the moment that curve shows that straight yo future vision your future self has to be worth more than week choices at the moment.

it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been able to do it yet what are you going to do now every day up into a stronger you it’s all about consistent you pay today try tomorrow birds today fight today for be strong today so you have tried to be strong today so you are stronger so you have pride tomorrow be disciplined to death so you are stronger tomorrow don’t think about what is easy easier in the future doing what is easy now your life will be hard in the future.

if you’re always doing what is hard now your future will be easy need to sacrifice anything that term joy that’s just the thing most people don’t get you only need to give up the things that bring you down all the things that make you weaker have the courage to give up those things your future self is begging you so ask yourself every more who do I want to be today should I take today lead to pride at the start of every day are the choices I make today going to make me stronger tomorrow Wickard tomorrow or disappointed.

if you screw up to remember this beat yourself up if you have four strong days out of seven that’s a win the next week you can build to find six over every day and you’ll be taking actions that do make you better every single day don’t let one bad day derail your future don’t let one thing ruin your wheel don’t let your past to find back on track every day you dedicate to become better is the boat towards a greater future for you the more votes the greater your chance for victory every in every moment will this decision make me stronger tomorrow make dough

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