Nothing on this Earth will Defeat You

If there’s ever been one thing that separates the best from the unknown that one thing is self-belief if you don’t believe you can do it you’ll never try and you will die never knowing how far you could have gone belief in yourself believe after failure believe with all others doubt relentless belief that you will get to your target no matter what that is what we’ll see you achieve when there is no tempt belief is what will see you achieve when there’s no support see no belief around you is needed when there’s belief within you tell yourself every day I know I will get to my target there is no doubt her.

I will get to my target I will I know I will make it does not an ounce of doubt in my mind Ziya beat down defeated reticule rejected doubt it I do not care and I know in my heart no matter how long it may take no matter the pain I will fight I will crawl I will adjust and I will there is nothing on this earth that I will allow to defeat me my mind is strong my mind is stronger than all others never will I be never while I straight from my goals never blood breaks from my purpose in life no one knows my heart they can doubt me I don’t know my heart they can tell me it’s impossible those are their limits, not my life can beat me to my leaves it only makes me stronger.

I am unbreakable did you hear me I am and breaker I am unbreakable the strip that lies in my heart is like the termination that lives inside me is equal to no other everyday awake I promised myself I will make it and I never break a promise and make to myself Michael I am unbreakable I am a breakable light can be me to my needs it only makes me stronger by workable I know we’ll get to my target there is no doubt sleeping get to my target I will I know I will make it there’s not an ounce of doubt in my mind many times I am baking down donated furniture rejected valid dinner I know I talked and you may take no matter how I will fight me will I will adjust you.

You Must Shut Out The Distractions If You Want To Succeed

In today’s world of over-stimulation seemingly unlimited distractions and short attention spans it’s no wonder there are so many people who don’t succeed it’s no wonder so many people never achieve anything significant it’s no wonder so many people never reach their true potential if you want to achieve anything great you must set out all distractions successful people are focused people successful people could go into a space where they set out everything where they lock in on the task in front of the black in on their goal black in on their dream.

if it is important enough to you you will set out all distractions shut the door turn your phone turned off social media locked in focus and get the job done a recent study pointed out that the average adult spends around one hour and 40 minutes every day on social media that is nearly 12 hours per week over 50 hours per month 616 hours per year it adds up to 128 days over a period of five years a hundred and twenty-eight days that wasted every five years imagine.

You Must Shut Out The Distractions If You Want To Succeed

if you use that time better just imagine if you replace that wasted time with completely focused time working on something you love the person you will be in five years time will be very different depending on which paths you choose to take those who don’t succeed let’s call them I don’t know the majority they’re like a puppy with a bump any time a bone comes along social media likes her comments a text message a TV show an opportunity at another night out and any attention a meaningless distraction.

they dropped everything important to them and chase the bone they could be sitting on a million-dollar idea something that could change their life completely but as soon as that bone comes along they follow it day in and day out meaningless distractions tearing people away from a life they deserve meanwhile they are left feeling empty inside because they haven’t fed their soul with the pride that comes from self-growth from shutting out the world and going all-in on their dream from finding a way when there seems to be no way bro that comes when you go beyond the life you thought you were capable of every time you choose something over your goal you form a bad habit my habit that gets stronger and eventually overpowers your goal.

it defeats your dream form a different habit a habit of discipline discipline from shutting out were most wrong so you have the things most don’t a habit of going all-in-a habit of integrity when you say your goal matters to you have so that it matters make it a priority, if you want to achieve great things, set out the distractions of this world and make your goal a priority Steve Jobs once and people think focus means saying yes to the things you’ve got to focus on but that’s not what it means at all it means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are you have to pick carefully you have to be able to shut out everything that but the most important thing that you must do right now get it done with one hundred percent of your presence and attention give it everything.

You have your heart and your soul that will show your best work and will lead to your next best result Zig Ziglar said lack of direction not lack of time is the problem we all have 24-hour days now that’s the truth of father ever heard it we all have 24 hours in a day how you spend that time will determine where you end up in life how you spend your 24 hours would determine if you live with pride or regret how you spend your 24 hours will determine if you survive or thrive now it’s time to focus lock out the things you don’t need lock in on the life you must have but better stuff for now so you can enjoy later .

If You Believe in Yourself Anything Is Possible

What is impossible nothing anything is possible we see people come from nothing every day we see people start off with nothing in their pocket but before they die they had a world it’s because they can see but they want a long time ago if you can see it inside your brain if you come to life if someone else has achieved it before you can too and I guarantee you whatever you seek there will be a reference someone achieving it somewhere on this great planet find the story model them and then better them it matters not the color of your skin.

it matters not where you were born it matters not the limits of your friends and family the only thing that matters is you and what you believe is possible make sure the answer is anything is possible but only is that is what you believe if you are tied to says no anything is impossible that will also be your reality if you believe there are limits to what you can achieve based on excuse you put down like your limited opportunity like when you leave like lack of fun but those limits become your reality because you won’t even attempt something outside of your limited mindset the one that believes that anything is possible.

we’ll try anything will attempt great where is everything to be anything but Africa and even if they met. torture they will be firing of the one that never tried when you believe in yourself anything is so many have written from nothing to something from hopeless to greatness from the resources built a legacy if they can do it you can too but only if you believe now it’s one thing to believe anything is possible and it’s something else entirely to achieve something incredible so get out there and make a plan when you suffer setbacks or failure keep going and learn the lesson everyone going up to something great will experience setbacks.

You must keep going make the plane better stronger anything it’s possible anything is possible anything is possible change the oven fish that you’re seeing a how dare you tell yourself did you know half-witted cake when you were born with the gift you were born with your purpose he was born without the totally see you’re worried about the things you don’t have you worried about the things people say about you but if you filthy they will come then you love it alone tears the small things that are huge in your heart and watch greatness be to create anything is possible .

Pain Today Pride Short Motivational Story

The question that you have to ask yourself is am I willing to sacrifice today to get the results out one in the future the successful people in this world are able to achieve great things because they’re able to delay gratification it’s about having the courage to say no to the things that give you immediate pleasure but also give you long-term pain.

it’s about having the courage and having the discipline to say yes to the things that give you short-term pain for long-term gain pain today pride tomorrow it’s making the choices that suck every day even though they are hard because you know they make you stronger making those choices that build your mental strength to the point where those choices feel good it’s much easier to hit snooze and sleep in every morning but is that going to make you stronger tomorrow the harder choice is to get your ass out of bed and get to the gym.

it’s painful to work out but it makes you stronger pain today cried tomorrow the donuts the that the pizza they all give you immediate pleasure but they don’t make you strong they make you weaker it’s hard to say no to those things but choosing better options at the moment makes you stronger in the future physically and mentally short-term pain long-term gain nobody got into are great in life without showing great self-discipline nobody on this planet ever reached any great heights without having great self-discipline.

if you are willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow you’ll never have that drive tomorrow self-discipline is self-pride there’s no better feeling than knowing you created your own self there’s no better feeling than looking in the and say I built this I created this sacrifice for this I worked for this ah being proud of the person you’ve become special but you can only experience that if you have that self-discipline you can only experience that if you have the courage to say no to all those toxic pink those things that fill a void now.

You’ve got to say no to everything that takes you further away from where you want to be and say yes to everything that takes you closer to where you must be no matter how hard those choices are in the moment that curve shows that straight yo future vision your future self has to be worth more than week choices at the moment.

it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been able to do it yet what are you going to do now every day up into a stronger you it’s all about consistent you pay today try tomorrow birds today fight today for be strong today so you have tried to be strong today so you are stronger so you have pride tomorrow be disciplined to death so you are stronger tomorrow don’t think about what is easy easier in the future doing what is easy now your life will be hard in the future.

if you’re always doing what is hard now your future will be easy need to sacrifice anything that term joy that’s just the thing most people don’t get you only need to give up the things that bring you down all the things that make you weaker have the courage to give up those things your future self is begging you so ask yourself every more who do I want to be today should I take today lead to pride at the start of every day are the choices I make today going to make me stronger tomorrow Wickard tomorrow or disappointed.

if you screw up to remember this beat yourself up if you have four strong days out of seven that’s a win the next week you can build to find six over every day and you’ll be taking actions that do make you better every single day don’t let one bad day derail your future don’t let one thing ruin your wheel don’t let your past to find back on track every day you dedicate to become better is the boat towards a greater future for you the more votes the greater your chance for victory every in every moment will this decision make me stronger tomorrow make dough